Face-Lifting Vibration Customizable 3-in-1 Face Roller

SASHI Cosmetics
  • Rp 252.273

SASHI 3-in-1 Face Lifting Vibration can be a choice of skincare tools that can help maximize skincare absorption and improve blood circulation around the face. As a result, the face becomes healthier and glowing. Use daily with a moisturizer or face oil before using SASHI 3-in-1 Face Lifting Vibration.


SASHI 3-in-1 Face Lifting Vibration consists of 1 pen applicator, and 3 head tools with the following product functions:

  • Rose Stones Use on the chin and forehead to increase skin elasticity and as a facial muscle relaxation.
  • Eye Roller Fades dark eye bags and wrinkles under the eyes. Apply under the eyes in an upward motion.
  • Sculpting Bar Tighten the entire face area for tight, healthy skin, and maximum absorption of skincare.


  • You can turn to the right to remove and replace the head tools according to your needs.
  • It takes 1 pcs battery to use this Face Lifting, you can turn the bottom of the applicator pen to the left to open and install the battery. Close again until the meeting yes!
  • The On and Off buttons are under the pen applicator, you can turn it left and right to turn it off and on and the product will vibrate, and voilaaaa its time to massage your skin!